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Manuka Honey

LivPure Limited is a New Zealand based company. We are passionate about delivering New Zealand goodness to the world. We are supporting the organic health and wellness industry of New Zealand .

We are suppliers of pure Manuka Honey across various countries. We are keen to use technology and due diligence to provide authentic honey from hive to home.

The simplest way to put it “Manuka honey is the honey derived from the bees that feed on manuka
plant which is indigenous to New Zealand”

The word “Manuka” is a Maori word, native language of New Zealand. It Means New Zealand Woody
plants that often tend to form a dense scrub. The flowering plant is called Leptospermum


Manuka Honey comes from the bees that pollinate Leptospermum Scoparium or the manuka bush
that predominantly grows in New Zealand. Other Species of this bush grow all over the world
however do not produce the flowers, bees need in order to produce honey.

Bees pollinate the Manuka Bush, this nectar of Manuka Bush produces Manuka Honey.

Flowers produce nectar

Nectar is a sugary liquid secreted by flowers, which attracts insects as it’s a rich food for them

Bees collect the nectar

Bees collect nector from Manuka Flowers during summer

Bees seal cells with wax

The bees fly the nectar back to their hives and seal it into wax cells where it ripens into honey

We collect the Honey

Honey is extracted from the honeycombs and sent in large drums to factories

Manuka Honey has an anti-bacterial property known as “Non –Peroxide Activity” Back in 1981 Dr Peter Molan, through scientific testing, confirmed that some Manuka honey had a naturally present, highly stable and very powerful anti-bacterial activity not found in other honeys.

The healing powers of honey are well documented over ages from ancient Egypt through great civilisations of Greece and Rome. We recently understand the science behind the specific properties in honey. Manuka honey is the queen of all honeys due to its Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).

UMF is a measure of the specific component in the honey called Methylglyoxyl, which is a strongly antibacterial and much higher in Manuka honey than other honeys.


Benefits of Manuka Honey

This UMF Factor or rating on the package means its tested for antibacterial activity.

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benefits of manuka honey

What is MGO


Methylglyoxal, the natural compound that makes Manuka honey special, its like the magic ingredient with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The quantifiable measurement obtained from the laboratory.

UMF is a certification provided by the honey association of New Zealand. It guarantees the quality,
purity and authenticity of Manuka honey based on the presence of MGO and other important